Florence, OR

Ray Wells, Inc. has been working in Oregon for over 55 years, based out of Florence. We offer a wide range of services to aide in the development of your project/s. The Ray Wells, Inc. fleet is built around late model state-of-the-art equipment, which is kept in impeccable condition - allowing us to meet the needs of today's schedule-intensive projects.

We are able to handle large-size Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects.

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Ray Wells, Incorporated


  • AshpaltWe can lay asphalt, blacktop, or pavement. Ideal for roads, driveways and parking lots. One of our staple services.
  • BobcatWe love to get our Bobcats dirty. We have different models, depending on the requirements for the job.
  • DemolitionWe have the tools and equipment needed for demolition services to handle your re-building or otherwise.
  • DozerWe can pop pine stumps out after clearing timber, move large amounts of dirt or gravel quickly, smooth a pad, finish grading... anything you need!
  • EarthWe can handle any dirt or gravel moving projects you require. Ditches, trenches, area clearing, and any other earth-moving tasks.
  • Erosion ControlWe use a few different products for erosion control during excavations. We utilize varying products to ensure best results.  
  • Backhoe
  • ExcavationWe have all the tools needed to initiate and finalize your excavation projects. In-ground pools, parking lots, terrain alteration, etc.
  • GradingOur company will bring a truckload of soil, sand, mulch, or rock to the property. We can handle all grading and land improvement activities.
  • HaulingRemoval or transport of product/materials from one job site to another. Large-scale migrations are no problem for us!
  • Land ClearingGeneral earth-moving and debris removal work, including trees and stumps. We can handle any size clearing project.
  • Septic + Septic TanksRay Wells, Inc. will supply septic services, as well as install any septic tanks that may be needed upon review of the project plan.
  • SewersSewers and sewer placement will be completed, along with the input of any septic or septic tanks that are needed.
  • Lines Work
  • Site PreparationIt is important to remove excess debris from an area for proper grading and to allow for proper drainage and settling.
  • Wetland RestorationWe will have the proper papers to reserve or move around a plan in order to preserve wetlands and wetland restorations that may already exist.
  • Water LinesAwareness is our number one priority when we work on any project requiring water line install. Ability to handle any scale installation.

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